Gentle Touch Reiki & Integrated Energy Therapy®
Animal Sessions:  Reiki and/or IET®

​Usui Reiki for Animals​

Animal respond well to Reiki, they instinctively know what it is and if they need the energy. I have worked on many species of animals; domestic pets, horses, farm animals and wild animals.
Since Reiki can be given from a distance treating wild or aggressive animals is possible.

IET® for Pets (dogs, cats & horses)​​

Pets are the embodiment of souls whose purpose it is to serve human beings, teach them by example and heal them.  There are two general causes for energy blockages within a pet's cellular memory: 

​​The pet's living environment such as, especially intense or chronic situations that create a state of distress for the pet.​​

The pet taking on is energies empathically taken on from its owners for healing.  Sometimes they take on too much energy afrom their owners and have trouble clearing it.​​

Animal Reiki or IET for Pets - Prices

Time dependent on the animal (1st session 30 minutes) -
​$32 cash - $34 credit
20 Minutes Sessions​
$22 cash $24 credit for each additional session
travel expense 58 cents/mile

Multiple animal rates available - Contact Ruth for more information​
I have donated time doing Reiki on the animals at the Farm Animal Haven "Cracker Box Palace" in Alton, NY.

Visit the Mesothelioima Cancer Alliance to learn more about how animals with mesothelioma are using Reiki as a means of palliative care in the overall cancer treatment of animals diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma.


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